Sunday, July 26, 2009

An article written about me in The College of Saint Rose magazine!

A while back The College of Saint Rose asked if they could print a story about me in their magazine. It tells of my journey as an artist beginning with the amazing art training I received at The College of Saint Rose (Albany, N.Y.) leading up to the wickedly cool PDI DreamWorks Animation (Redwood City, CA). It's been a long journey, and its all summed up right here in this article. Click on the Summer 2009 cover with Jimmy Fallon. Thank you Kris Herrick, Karene Faul, Sarah Harrington and the rest of the amazing faculty at St. Rose for pushing me through the beginning of it all. Special thanks to Jane GottLieb for writing this article. Enjoy!


G1toons said...

hey there Ron i tried to go to your website as i wanted to email you but it say that its dangerous to go to your site. I saw you shot on on the summer showcase reel and i was wondering ehre you got the confession box from as i am looking for one for my shot thanks

Ron said...


I actually built that confessional myself using maya. i gathered reference online and just designed my own confessional.


Jess Morris said...

Wow, how cool Ron! Do you feel special?? ... you should! You have worked so hard to get to where you are! :)