Sunday, August 24, 2008

AM Student Showcase Summer 2008

Here's the new AM Student Showcase Summer 2008. It's just been released to the public. Head on over to YouTube or AM's site and check it out! Look out for two of my shots. :-) Enjoy!


Gerardo Castellanos said...

Congratulations Ron!

Your animations in this showcase are my favorites... I can see your first animation 20 times continuous.. and eachtime I like it more!

I edit this showcase, to extract your animation and put it a countframer and study it frame to frame.

It is awesome.
Your work really inspire me.

Congratulation again Ron-

Sebastien LABAN said...

Great! I love watching those AM showcases! :o)
Your animation with the red spaceship is very funny! Great work ! :o)
Keep up the good work ! :o)