Monday, July 28, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Update: August 22, 2008. Animation on the film is in the can! Working with directors Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, our HOCA, my fellow animator compadres and the rest of the Mad 2 team has been such a rewarding experience. The Story and Animation have both superceded the first Madagascar, in my opinion. It's funnier and even more absurd! The final renders are stunning to watch. I can't imagine how amazing it will look on IMAX theaters. Now the countdown begins upon it's release. WOO HOO! For those of you who haven't seen the website, head on over and check it out!: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The film releases in November. GO AND SEE IT! :-)


Animator Trav said...

Congrats man! I can't wait to see your work IMAX!

When will you be moving to the 'other project'?

Justin said...

congrats!!! I;m looking forward to seeing your work, !!